Securing IoT APIs

Prophaze Raspberry PI based custom appliance can be hooked at the gateway of your IoT interface. It can be any control system, let it be CCTV Camera’s, or a Advanced Data fetching and parsing device. Prophaze can secure your api end points against OWASP Top 10 and many other threats including Zero days.


Prophaze EE can sit in front of your Cloud Loadbalancer which serve’s api end points . The only thing you need to change the dns of your api to point towards your WAF IP address and to share with us the IP of the real API Server 

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AI Based  Kubernetes WAF for Container Orchestration

Prophaze KubeWAF is  Kuberbnetes based Native Web Application Firewall (WAF) which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to your microservicesThe Prophaze WAF can be deployed in any Virtual Private Cloud, dedicated for your instance alone. (Which is free from multi-tenancy vulnerabilities)

Latest Threat Database

EagleEye comes with daily updated rules and signature database. Have access to dozens of premium signature database, and supported by International Security Researchers

Prophaze EagleEye is updated with

  • Latest Threat Database
  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts
  • Updated DDoS Protection Rules
  • Protection Against Bad Bots which Eats Bandwidth

AI Based WAF

]EagleEye servers equipped with Artificial Intelligence based tools which monitors every request and categories those based on its previous threat score and takes a decision to route that traffic

API Security with AI

Real time Dashboard

EagleEye comes with ‘to the point dash’ so the necessary information needed for monitoring the protection is available

  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts of incidents
  • Reporting with filtering
  • View and Send reports via email or via slack alerts

Artificial Intelligence Based Security

AI is becoming an inseparable part of our world now. It is being used in almost all industries and thus helping to make the lives of people better. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of organisations.

Another upcoming trend is that of automation, machines are taking over tasks that are nearly impossible for humans to perform single handed. A single machines can perform what more than a thousand men can perform together and with more accuracy and that too in a much lesser time. AI and Automation are becoming more and more applicable concepts and can be implemented in any industry.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Futuristic

As industries are advancing at a rapid rate so are the threats that evolve rapidly to steal their critical data. These technologies depend on an organisation’s critical data which is facing serious threats by various factors. These factors will try to steal the data for financial, competitive or various other motives. AI and Automation combo can be used to counter attack these threats.

  • ML-based Behavioral Anomaly Detection
  • Prevents Zero Day Attacks
  • Advanced Bot Prevention Models

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