Overview :
On BIG-IP 15.1.0-, 15.0.0-, and 14.1.0-, under certain conditions, TMM may crash or stop processing new traffic with the DPDK/ENA driver on AWS systems while sending traffic. This issue does not affect any other platforms, hardware or virtual, or any other cloud provider since the affected driver is specific to AWS.



K01054113: BIG-IP AWS vulnerability CVE-2020-5862

Security Advisory

Security Advisory Description

Under certain conditions, while sending traffic, the Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) may produce a core file or stop processing new traffic with the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)/Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) driver on Amazon Web Services (AWS) systems. (CVE-2020-5862)


A remote attacker may be able to cause TMM to stop processing new traffic and effect a remote denial of service (DoS).

This issue does not affect any other hardware, virtual platforms, or cloud provider, as the affected driver is specific to AWS.

Security Advisory Status

F5 Product Development has assigned ID 846157 (BIG-IP) to this vulnerability.

To determine if your product and version have been evaluated for this vulnerability, refer to the Applies to (see versions) box. To determine if your release is known to be vulnerable, the components or features that are affected by the vulnerability, and for information about releases, point releases, or hotfixes that address the vulnerability, refer to the following table. For more information about security advisory versioning, refer to K51812227: Understanding Security Advisory versioning.

Product Branch Versions known to be vulnerable Fixes introduced in Severity CVSSv3 score1 Vulnerable component or feature
BIG-IP (LTM, AAM, AFM, Analytics, APM, ASM, DNS, FPS, GTM, Link Controller, PEM) 15.x 15.0.0 – 15.1.0
Low 3.7 TMM on AWS
14.x 14.1.0 – 14.1.2
13.x None Not applicable
12.x None Not applicable
11.x None Not applicable
BIG-IQ Centralized Management 7.x None Not applicable Not vulnerable None None
6.x None Not applicable
5.x None Not applicable
Traffix SDC 5.x None Not applicable Not vulnerable None None

1The CVSSv3 score link takes you to a resource outside of AskF5, and it is possible that the document may be removed without our knowledge.

Security Advisory Recommended Actions

If you are running a version listed in the Versions known to be vulnerable column, you can eliminate this vulnerability by upgrading to a version listed in the Fixes introduced in column. If the table lists only an older version than what you are currently running, or does not list a non-vulnerable version, then no upgrade candidate currently exists.