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Changing WordPress Database Prefix to Improve Security

Before doing this take an entire backup of your WordPress file and Database You need to change an in option in wp-config.php file look for $table_prefix = 'wp_b45666_'; Replace it with a non standard prefix like mywpp_bvbvb Also you need to open phpmyadmin in your cPanel or any other control panel , and change all [...]


CYBER SECURITY, NETWORK SECURITY, WEB SECURITY COMPANY IN INDIA – PROPHAZE The most common Firewalls , Secure networks plays very less role in Web Application security attacks against your organisation. Security breach can happen through the front end of your application to the back end database. Prophaze secures you with deep penetration tests and vulnerability […]


Kubernetes WAF Kubernetes Container Security Solution Kubernetes Web Application Firewall Container Security using Kubernetes WAF for Hybrid Cloud (Google Cloud , AWS , Azure ) What is a Kubernetes WAF ? A KubeWAF stops attacks targeted towards your orchestrated containers deployed in kubernetes. It acts as a Ingress Controller and operated in reverse proxy mode. [...]