The most common Firewalls , Secure networks plays very less role in Web Application security attacks against your organisation. Security breach can happen through the front end of your application to the back end database. Prophaze secures you with deep penetration tests and vulnerability scanning methods, and can identify the bugs, which enables us to work closely with your development team to resolve the issues

Prophaze have strategic plans to protect your firm with various level of security guidelines. And we thoroughly monitors your servers and application’s activity using AI(Artificial Intelligence) and BigData Powered tools

Prophaze test your web application and network architecture with more than 5200 known issues and its variants including advanced XSS exploits, Blind SQL Injection methods and update your web application with best practices followed internationally:

  • Deep Analysis of every pages of your web application
  • integrated Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritisation
  • Connecting your Web app with more than a dozen security bug trackers
  • Advanced network scanning and assessment tools
  • On site and off site security support
  • Web Vulnerability Scanning
  • Advanced Penetration Testing services
  • Advanced SQL Injection scanning
  • WordPress Virus and Malware Removal
  • Security against Cross Site Scripting XSS Attacks
  • Security Risk management and Forensic Analysis