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WAF API Gateway

WAF for your API Gateway Prophaze EagleEye can secure your API end points against OWASP TOP 10 threats and API Abusing . Prophaze's  Customized and self learning machine learning models can identify user's behaviours and can profile your api against most common and un-common methods of attacks Installation Prophaze EE can sit in front of [...]

Kubernetes WAF for API security in the cloud

As most of the applications are moving to cloud , there are many factors which needs to be addressed . Reliability, Data management, Scalability, Cost and Security . Among all these , 37%  focus is on security . Cyber security is the #1 concern in almost all the cloud deployments . These days all the […]

Kubernetes WAF

In just one hour Prophaze secures your production deployments in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, and change deployment models to support your evolving needs. Native Kubernetes Secure Kubernetes deployments without the learning curve or complexity. Prophaze Helm Chart installation replaces the existing ingress controller with Prophaze custom ingress controller in zero downtime. Prophaze is deployed [...]

WAF Features

  Zero-Touch Automation Protection from all threats DDoS protection Automated security policy AI firewall Zero-configuration WAF dashboard API security Compliance Security update Virtual patching   Deploy Everywhere Private cloud on premises Native Kubernetes Public cloud Integrations Health check monitoring Multi-tenancy


Securing IoT APIs Prophaze Raspberry PI based custom appliance can be hooked at the gateway of your IoT interface . It can be any control system , let it be CCTV Camera's , or a Advanced Data fetching and parsing device . Prophaze can secure your api end points against OWASP Top 10 and many [...]