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Bot Detection

Bot Detection The Problems 20% of all web traffic is bad bots targeting APIs to bypass security controls. Powered with ML, bots evade corporate defenses inflicting damage before security teams can respond. Bots are dynamic and ever mutating, but WAFs are always behind, require prior rules. Security teams are fighting cyberattacks blindfolded, trying to filter [...]
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EagleEye Premium WAF

Cloud WAF Protection For Your Application We developed EagleEye out of frustration with existing WAF solutions on the marketwhich are ineffective, take weeks or sometimes months to fully deploy, are difficultto configure and almost impossible to maintain. Prophaze EagleEye WAF is a lightweight WAF solution framework, highly customizable to meet customer requirements, yet easy to [...]
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#1 Kubernetes WAF Kubernetes Container Security Solution Contact Us Kubernetes Web Application Firewall Container Security using Kubernetes WAF for Hybrid and Native Cloud What is a Kubernetes WAF? A Kubernetes WAF stops attacks targeting your orchestrated containers deployed in Kubernetes. It acts as an Ingress Controller and operates in reverse proxy mode. Prophaze Kubernetes WAF, [...]