WDJA CMS 1.5.2 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2020-21658]

A vulnerability was found in WDJA CMS 1.5.2 (Content Management System). It has been classified as problematic. This affects some unknown processing. There is no information about possible countermeasures known. It may be suggested to replace the affected object with an alternative product.

Common Vulnerabilityies and Exposures

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GitLab Community Edition/Enterprise Edition up to 14.3.5/14.4.3/14.5.1 NPM Repository denial of service

A vulnerability was found in GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition up to 14.3.5/14.4.3/14.5.1 (Bug Tracking Software). It has been rated as problematic. This issue affects an unknown code of the component NPM Repository Handler. Upgrading to version 14.3.6, 14.4.4 or 14.5.2 eliminates this vulnerability.

M-Files Server prior 21.11.10775.0 Event Log log file

A vulnerability classified as problematic has been found in M-Files Server. Affected is an unknown code block of the component Event Log. Upgrading to version 21.11.10775.0 eliminates this vulnerability.

GitLab up to 14.4.4/14.5.2/14.6.0 RSS Feed information disclosure

A vulnerability classified as problematic was found in GitLab up to 14.4.4/14.5.2/14.6.0 (Bug Tracking Software). Affected by this vulnerability is some unknown processing of the component RSS Feed. Upgrading to version 14.4.5, 14.5.3 or 14.6.1 eliminates this vulnerability.