Overview :
In Archery before 1.3, inserting an XSS payload into a project name (either by creating a new project or editing an existing one) will result in stored XSS on the vulnerability-scan scheduling page.
Affected Product(s) :
  • Archery before 1.3
Vulnerability Details :
CVE ID : CVE-2019-20008
Upon a security analysis of the platform, a stored cross site scripting vulnerability was identified on the Web and Infrastructure Scan Scheduler’s project dropdown selection.

The payload is present on the project name attribute, but it is only executed upon javascript interaction by the Select2 library utilized on that specific menu. Upon deletion of the archerysec/static/js/select2.min.js file, the vulnerability was not present anymore (as were the library functionalities).

The vulnerability is not present on the python interactions, it is the live search function from select2 that evaluates and (possibly) decodes HTML Entities from the payload.

Solution :

Upgrade to the fixed version.