Battling Zero Day Attacks with WAF

3rd Feb, 2022 between 3:00PM – 4:00PM IST

Date & Time

3rd Feb, 2022 between 3:00PM – 4:00PM IST


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Mr.Sunil Kulkarni (CISO- Bajaj Allianz), enlightened us on talks of why we have to build up an integrated security solutions and to constantly brush these practises with the OEM’s! How cyber criminals are using AI/ML and taxing different access methods to frisk in a particular system of the company. He touched upon sophisticated attacks and how isolation plans can be made. “Data Sharing” is most crucial information we have to take care off, said by Mr. Sunil.

Dear All,

Happy Welcome to all professionals. We are glad to see you here and ready to start off a new beginning with you lovely people, by bringing some gist of the webinar held on Feb 3rd 2022. Happy to share paramount dialogues cropped up during the webinar.

Vaisakh T. R CEO Prophaze, revealed the best ways, how we can be protected from stealthy attacks and he articulated in most truthful way, with facts. We also saw zest from Mr. Vaisakh for security concerns and how prophaze is bringing awareness to globe in present times, it was a great learning for all of us and was openly infectious.

Moreover, we also witnessed how a live attacks are capitalized by dark web actors and how prophaze is just repudiating it with no respect and in fraction of seconds. Webinar flowed to a very simple understandings of discussion happened between Ishanu, Joe and Muzammil, where these 3 young professionals rattled on how ML/AI in context of Prophaze is changing game for all the security unsettled problems for individuals with more clarity and advance techniques.

Finally, a note of thanks from Ms Lakshmi, Co-Founder on how we can help each other in solving this most complex problem with most simplistic way and token of gratitude was segmented.

We believe in manifestation and we are constant in envisioning global security of web assets for everyone. Our Focus on our values and what message we are propelling in the society is what we churn on constantly and keep a mark on that. Embracing and imbibing the pain points of customers with good intention for the betterment of everyone is what we can PROMISE you any time of the day.

The Present and Future looks bright to many of our customers with prophaze, we just love to bring you all in the same fold of only solutions for all problem statements.

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