Features Prophaze WAF (Explorer) Imperva Cloud WAF (Pro Version)
ArchitectureML/AI-Based WAFCustom rule based WAF
Microservices SupportKubernetes and Microservices SupportNot Available
Custom Security RulesSelf-learning Rule EngineNot Available
Bot ManagementEnterprise Bot ManagementBasic Level
Load Balancing and FailoverAvailableNot Available
OWASP Top 10 and OWASP Top 10 APIAvailableAvailable
DDOS ProtectionAvailableNot Available
ScalabilityAutomatic Scaling UP (Distributed WAF)Not Available
UpgradeUpgradation with out DowntimeNot Available
Real-Time DashboardAvailableNot Available
Data RetentionAvailableAvailable
Zero-day attack preventionAvailableNot Available
Attack analysisAvailableAvailable
ComplianceAvailableNot Available
Support: 24×7 , Chat, Phone , Email, Zoom/Google Meet/TeamsIncluded in price.Not Included in price. Extra cost.
Same Features but better than Imperva WAF Pro Version
Important Features only Available in Prophaze WAF Explorer not in Imperva WAF Pro version

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