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Vulnerability issues found in Forcepoint VPN Client

Overview : Forcepoint VPN Client for Windows versions lower than 6.6.1 have an unquoted search path vulnerability. This enables local privilege escalation to SYSTEM user. By default, only local administrators can write executables to the vulnerable directories. Forcepoint thanks Peleg Hadar of SafeBreach Labs for finding this vulnerability and for reporting it to us. Affected […]

WAF for Kubernetes – Fighting AI with AI

WAF for Kubernetes Many organizations are migrating to Cloud adopting new technologies but also exposing Web Services over the Internet to vulnerabilities that may compromise their entire systems. New solutions are needed to mitigate such new threats and security gaps. Prophaze meets the challenge head-on to successfully defend against sophisticated cyberattacks, improve security posture, and […]

Jira – Open redirect vulnerability using os_destination

  CVE-2019-20901 Proof of Concept : The login.jsp resource in Jira before version 8.5.2, and from version 8.6.0 before version 8.6.1 allows remote attackers to redirect users to a different website which they may use as part of performing a phishing attack via an open redirect in the os_destination parameter. Attack Scenario Parameter-based redirection vulnerabilities […]


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Fixed Price WAF Service, Unlimited Use Plans

Installed on your cloud No charges for bandwidth, throughput, ACLs, rules Basic Pro Enterprise $199 / mo $990 / mo $1,990 / mo For Small businesses operating online with no in-house security staff or expertise. Businesses and SaaS with small DevOps teams responsible for securing web production, compliance, and remote workforce. Enterprises, public organizations, and SaaS with [...]