Latest Security News about improper access control

Buffer Overflow vulnerability in Advantech WebAccess

Overview : In WebAccess versions 8.4.1 and prior, multiple stack based buffer overflow vulnerabilities are detected by a lack of proper validation of the length of user given data. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities will allow remote code execution. Affected Product(s) : WebAccess versions 8.4.1 Vulnerability Details : Code Injection, Command Injection, Stack-based Buffer Overflow, Improper […]

Moxa EDR 810 Series vulnerabilities

Overview : Moxa EDR 810 Series Improper Input Validation and Improper Access Control vulnerabilities Affected Product(s) : EDR-810: All versions 5.1 and prior Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : CVE-2019-10963 Moxa EDR 810, all versions 5.1 and prior, allows an unauthenticated attacker to be able to retrieve some log files from the device, which may […]

Multiple vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric U.motion servers

Overview : Schneider Electric detected multiple vulnerabilities in its U.motion din rail and touch panels servers. Affected Product(s) : U.motion servers : MEG6501-0001 – U.motion KNX server MEG6501-0002 – U.motion KNX Server Plus MEG6260-0410 – U.motion KNX Server Plus, Touch 10 MEG6260-0415 – U.motion KNX Server Plus, Touch 15 Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : […]