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Securing IoT APIs Prophaze Raspberry PI based custom appliance can be hooked at the gateway of your IoT interface . It can be any control system , let it be CCTV Camera's , or a Advanced Data fetching and parsing device . Prophaze can secure your api end points against OWASP Top 10 and many [...]

WAF API Gateway

WAF for your API Gateway Prophaze EagleEye can secure your API end points against OWASP TOP 10 threats and API Abusing . Prophaze's  Customized and self learning machine learning models can identify user's behaviours and can profile your api against most common and un-common methods of attacks Installation Prophaze EE can sit in front of [...]

Kubernetes WAF for API security in the cloud

As most of the applications are moving to cloud , there are many factors which needs to be addressed . Reliability, Data management, Scalability, Cost and Security . Among all these , 37%  focus is on security . Cyber security is the #1 concern in almost all the cloud deployments . These days all the […]

EagleEye Premium WAF

Cloud WAF Protection For Your Application We developed EagleEye out of frustration with existing WAF solutions on the marketwhich are ineffective, take weeks or sometimes months to fully deploy, are difficultto configure and almost impossible to maintain. Prophaze EagleEye WAF is a lightweight WAF solution framework, highly customizable to meet customer requirements, yet easy to [...]

Kubernetes WAF

Native Kubernetes WAF for your Microservices Prophaze EagleEye is a Kuberbnetes Native Web Application Firewall (WAF) which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to your microservice Malicious Payloads Code and SQL Injection Cross-site Scripting [...]