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Cross site scripting vulnerability in McAfee Network Security Management (NSM) Prior to 9.1

Overview : Cross site scripting vulnerability in McAfee Network Security Management (NSM) Prior to 9.1 update 6 Mar 2020 Update allows attackers to unspecified impact via unspecified vectors. McAfee Security Bulletin - Network Security Manager/Network Security Platform/Network Threat Behavior Analysis update fixes multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-4559, CVE-2015-3200, CVE-2016-2183, CVE-2020-7256, CVE-2020-7258) Security Bulletins ID:   SB10310 Last Modified:  3/17/2020 [...]

Bot Detection

Bot Detection The Problems 20% of all web traffic is bad bots targeting APIs to bypass security controls. Powered with ML, bots evade corporate defenses inflicting damage before security teams can respond. Bots are dynamic and ever mutating, but WAFs are always behind, require prior rules. Security teams are fighting cyberattacks blindfolded, trying to filter [...]

Security Notice for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Overview : Multiple issues was discovered in CA Unified Infrastructure Management Affected Product(s) : UIM product versions 9.20 and below are affected. The robot versions below 7.97HF8, 9.20HF9 and 9.20SHF9 are affected. Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : CVE-2020-8012 CA Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft/UIM) 9.20 and below contains a buffer overflow vulnerability in the robot […]

Bot Mitigation

Bot Mitigation Prophaze's  advanced machine learning based Bot Management solution can fight against other ML based malicious bots which do targetted  and automated attack against web APIs and applications . Prophaze Bot Platform deals with Click Fraud Bots (Ad Bots) Multiple Use cases Ad clicks Music Plays Video plays Paid Surveys Authentication Bots Credential Stuffing [...]

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Service Provider Let's talk Over 1 M web requests per month. This plan is for SaaS providers. Fully managed WAF service and updates Multi-domain security management Increase revenues with managed security service Must-have requirement for data-sensitive applications Meet customer security SLAs Protection from malicious bots, DDos, top 10 OWASP threats Protect from host misconfiguration and [...]