Advantages of Prophaze WAF As A Service

Customer Retention with WAF as a Service

  • WAF configuration is tricky and with our technologies it will be very easy to implement WAF.

  • Customers typically hesitate to move away from services like this as this typically will take lot of time of customers to get the setup and configuration ready with any other WAF security player.

  • Ensures stickiness from customer side.

Saving Bandwidth Cost to the Customer​

  • Compromised websites sends or receives huge amount of traffic even though customer might pay for the traffic post the event to cloud provider.

  • This creates an unhappy customer.

  • Preventing this situation from happening will be elegant thing to do and ensures stickiness of the customer.

Upselling More Security Services to Customers

  • WAF will help organisations to gain visibility into attacks and suggest at areas to tighten at customer side.

  • This will typically focus on strengthening.

  • Application security.

  • Vulnerability assessment / penetration testing.

  • Distributed Denial of Service countermeasure.

  • Runtime Application Self Protection Services.

More Addon Network Services

  • Helps Cloud Service Provider to offer other related network services like.

  • Content distribution networks.

  • Load balancing etc based services, as these go hand in hand with WAF services and customers will prefer this.

Prophaze Saves Cloud Provider Effort and Time Related to Cyber Forensics

  • Preventing security attacks will avoid customers from asking logs or forensic support from cloud service provider.

  • Saving precious bandwidth in terms of effort from both provider and customer side.

Increased Web Application Reliability with Prophaze

  • Prevent customer (victim) websites attacking other customers / general public at large in the event of compromise.

  • Helps customer websites response and access to websites more guaranteed and helps provider reduced customer calls on poor/potential network performance.

  • Internet Links get choked not just for specific customer (who is under attack) but for other customers too who is serviced out of the same internet links. WAF service will prevent/reduce this from happening and reduce the instances of general slowdown of services.

Support Arm from Prophaze and Customer Confidence

  • Customer seeks cloud provider support for some specific attack they generally don’t have any intelligence without WAF.

  • With WAF service and support directly from OEM will be very helpful to customers.

  • This increase the customer confidence in the cloud provider.

Reduced Network Ban from International ISPs

  • In event of customer websites getting compromised and attacking other systems across the world there is tendency of other ISP to block entire segments of traffic from Provider, reaching them.

  • This will prevent other b2b APIs hosted in the cloud reaching out to those ISP and exchange of any data.

  • The introduction of WAF will prevent (to extent possible) websites getting compromised and avoiding/minimising this situation.

Prophaze v/s Other WAFs



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