Set Up Kubernetes Cluster

Note: Kube-native WAF is available only for enterprise customers. Please contact Prophaze customer support to upgrade the plan.

Kube-native WAF installation

For Kubernetes native customers, we are providing Helm chart for setting up Prophaze ingress and after that traffic will be route through Prophaze ingress.

Step 1: Prophaze will provide private git repo.

					git clone <private repo>

Note: Private repo will be provided after contacting Prophaze support team.

Port 6443 which is the kube-apiserver port used for the dashboard to communicate with the kubernetes cluster for the ip: Prophaze IP should be allowed.

Step 2: Go to “Settings” page. Now, we need to connect your Kubernetes cluster to Prophaze. For that, click on the “Add kubernetes cluster” tab on the left side of the page. Copy the command and paste it in your kubernetes cluster.

Set Up Kubernetes Cluster - Prophaze WAF