Cloud Based HR Program Success

Provides a lot of innovative approach to automatic detection and
blockage of potential attacks in production environment.


The company deals the Communication Solutions for Today’s Digital, Distributed Enterprises. A change in traditional communications can facilitate the working employees in a great way. This is very essential for HR program success. The Company required a good WAF solution that would offer the whole application layer protection and visibility that might scale with the expansion of their e-commerce. Also WAF solution that might change manual processes, increase visibility into their web traffic activities as well as improvement in the incident response time.

can you buy gabapentin online reddit The Challenges that they experienced

Future enlargement and growth prompted the corporate to strengthen their overall security posture at the application layer to safeguard customer-facing web applications, client portals and APIs. The corporate tried totally different strategies to secure their web applications, as well as maximising best practices for their Content Delivery Network, firewall, and programming strategies. However the issues they toughened indicated that this strategy wouldn’t scale as the company grew.

Previously worked with a Content Delivery Network provider, however they didn’t relish the client experience and services provided. In addition, they found that the provider is not developer friendly and slow to make the response or take action. They needed additional automation to modify effective investigation of potential incidents versus manual work that resulted in frequent context switch and lost productivity from several developers on the team.

After-the-fact log searches and triaging of web attacks were potential, however they lacked the flexibility to interact in the investigation period or correction. Employees had no insight into what level of HTTP request traffic was real versus that generated by bots, creating it troublesome to analyse a user’s true journey on their sites.

The Results

Our Kubernetes WAF solution has the ability to meet the challenges the company faced:

  1. Provides a lot of innovative approach to automatic detection and blockage of potential attacks in production environment.
  2. Provided scalable performance and centralized visibility into traffic and attacks at the web attack layer
  3. Without affecting the operational workflows, we provided high-impact, low-maintenance security coverage
  4. Easy method of installation and management, integrating with their technical stack, and providing complete visibility and coverage of attacks
  5. We tend to leverage known-bad IP lists to go with our proprietary Parsing technology, to form quick, inline decisions to identify and block malicious requests.
Project Name
Working Office Space
Distributed Enterprises.
Our Role
API Security
DDoS Mitigation
AI Based Web Security
Bot Protection

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