Public, private, or partner-facing APIs have a key role in accelerating digital transformation. However, many organizations, including large enterprises, have relatively immature API security programs, thus creating a completely new attack surface.

Your DevOps team can validate and deploy secure custom APIs based on OpenAPI specifications directly from the dashboard. Prophaze creates a positive security model to validate only the traffic you want to access your APIs is enforced and protects all your API endpoints. Prophaze API security is vendor-agnostic supporting the leading API gateways.

  • Automatic positive security model to enforce consistent boundary checking for API requests
  • Test APIs for misconfigurations, logic manipulation, and input validation
  • Distinguish between legitimate and malicious payloads and bots
  • Use regular expressions to enforce required parameters in the message body
  • Rate limiting incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Integration with leading API Management vendors
  • Decode Open API (Swagger) files, header and body payload
  • Decode all the data formats including nested and encoded
    custom API protocols, such as JSON inside Base64 encoding
API security