WAF Pricing

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WAF Pricing Calculator
Is it based on the number of applications (Domains, URLs, APIs) it is serving?
Pricing for the consumption of Bandwidth, if the WAF is hosted in a SaaS Platform?
Price based on Number of Virtual Appliances, if WAF is hosted on On-prem or On Customer cloud?
What about the support strategy, Like Dedicated Support for 24 x 7. Phone support and Email Support?
Billed Monthly or Yearly or Pay as you Go Model?
There are few pricing parameters to be considered while procuring a Web Application Firewall Solution
Prophaze Web Application Firewall ( WAF ) supports AWS , Azure , GCP and all other Public and Private Cloud (Onprem) including Kubernetes (k8s)
WAF Pricing Calculator
Prophaze WAF is a Native Cloud Web Application Firewall that intelligently tracks down the malicious request into your clients’ Web APIs. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms (with AI) to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to their microservice. Our Kubernetes WAF as SOC support providing expanded solutions that meet the needs of customers in the Enterprise IT Infrastructure as well as the Cybersecurity. The dedicated team at Prophaze will provide your clients’ support round the clock whenever it is needed.Prophaze WAF  Pricing is based on the feature set, type of deployment, and the Volume of Traffic consumed by the customer

This section explains the WAF pricing model adopted by Various WAF Solutions which is compared with Prophaze.  Additionally, the initial cost of installing a Prophaze WAF will be of zero and the fee structure is simple and straightforward. Prophaze can be used as AWS WAF , GCP WAF and Azure WAF and also can be used as Kubernetes WAF inside k8 cluster

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Very Low TCO (Price + Maintenance + Staffing)
Price Includes Threat Updates
No Maintenance Required
Simple All Inclusive Pricing
Ease of Use
Go Live In A Day
No Monitoring Required
Modify Rules Without Code Changes
Easy Drill Down Threat Investigation
No Expert Level Admin Required
No Training Required
WAF Features
Threats and Bots Proection
Machine Learning Threat Detection Included
AI Automated Security Policy
AI Automated Whitelisting
Positive and Negative Security Model
IP to Rule Mapping
Unlimited Rules Per App
Custom Rules
Import/Export Rules, Lists
Response Filtering
Geo Filtering
Rate Limiting
Bot Mitigation Included
Zero Day Attacks
DDoS Protection Included .
Virtual Patching Included
API Protection Included
OpenAPI (Swagger) Support
Automated Compliance Included
Extensive Reports Included
WAF Deployment
Kubernetes Native On Any Cloud
Multi-Cloud Deployment
On-Premise Deployment
Hybrid Deployment
IoT Protection
Auto Scaling
Integrations to SIEM, Monitoring
Failover Protection
Drill Down Target Threats
Security Assessment Included