Cloudflare Pro Vs Prophaze Explorer (Free Trial)

Tarnobrzeg Cloudflare Pro Saumur Prophaze Explorer
Fast, easy-to-use DNSDNS is changed at Existing DNS Manager (Fast Propagation)
Free automated SSL certificatesFree automated SSL certificates
Global content delivery network (CDN)Secure Global CDN
Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with up to
59 Tbps capacity
Primarily Algorithmic based Slow and Fast DDoS Mitigation and Uses Distributed Public Cloud Infrastructure to Mitigate
Volumetric DDoS
Up to 100k Workers requests and 30 scriptsNot related directly to web security, Cloudflare workers is a different concept
20 Page Rules50 Page Rules
Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF)Advanced ML Bassed Web Application Firewall based on behavioral learning
Bot report & basic mitigationDeep Attack Analytics Covering OWASP and Bots
DDoS AlertsDDoS Alerts + Web Attack Alerts + Bot attack alerts
Lossless image optimizationLossless Image Optimization + CSS/JS Code Optimizaation
ML Based Protection
Zero-day attack protection.
Deep Attack Analytics
OWASP Top 10
24×7, Chat, Phone, Email, Zoom/Google Meet/Teams

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