Prophaze got access to more than a dozen of latest vulnerability reporting engines and are updated with recent threats, viruses and malware. This will in turn does a scanning on our client base to make sure that it is safe. Our automated systems will trigger alarms if any of the client server is prone to any of the latest vulnerability.

Vulnerability refers to a flaw or a loop hole in the code or design of a program or network. If not found and corrected it will invite attackers into the network thus posing  a great security threat for the system.

Vulnerability management refers to the management of network security by reducing such flaws in code or design.

There are various processes in vulnerability management which include :

Checking for vulnerabilities

This process includes network scanning, firewall logging, penetration testing etc. We can also use tools like vulnerability scanner.

Identifying vulnerabilities

We have to analyze network scans and pen test results and other test results to find anomalies which can act as a malware attack spot.

Verifying vulnerabilities

This process is to make sure if the identified vulnerabilities could actually be exploited on servers, applications or other systems. The vulnerabilities need to differentiated also based on its severity and level or risk involved.

Patching vulnerabilities

In this process patches are collected from vendors of the affected software and then it is applied to all the affected areas gradually.