Malta’s Bank of Valletta vanishes from the internet due to Hackers

The Times of Malta has reported that Bank of Valletta has suspended all of its Banking operations including branch operations, ATM’s mobile banking and even email services detecting a hacking attempt to nick €13m. Its website was also taken offline along with the suspension of all of banking functions.

Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat has intervened into the issue and told the parliament that the attack was detected with the start of business hours that day and involved assailants probably from overseas who tried to transfer the money to various banks across the UK, Czech Republic and Honk Kong.

“Bank of Valetta apologises to its clients for any inconvenience caused and will be keeping its customers and the general public informed of developments. The customer funds are in no way impacted or compromised by the beach” said the bank to the Times of Malta.

The banks shutdown process had a huge impact on its customers as it put a hold on all payment processes which includes payments through shops, POS terminals where the back end relies on BOV systems.


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