Data leakage at Mumsnet : private data exposed

Parents gabfest platform Mumsnet has reported that there was a data security breach when it migrated its services to Cloud platform. Mumsnet founder and CEO, Justine Roberts has apologized to its users as the data breach has affected their user accounts.

One of the users who logged into his account was able to view the details of another user’s account. This was quite alarming. This instance occurred from 2pm GMT, 5th Feb until 9 am GMT , 7th Feb.

CEO has reported that when a user logs into their account and another user logs in at the same time, their account info gets switched and they will be able to view one another’s private account details. It was found that the software change was the reason behind this glitch and was reversed soon thereafter.

It has not been found out to what extend the breach has affected its users and investigation is going on regarding the same and they are expecting to get the details soon.

It was found that around 4000 user accounts were logged into during the breach time period but the actual breach extents was not certain. It was made certain that not all the account information was leaked. the officials have told that they were working urgently to discover the reason behind the breach to learn and improve the processes.

The breach has been reported to the Information commissioner’s office.


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