Big US Online Retailer NewEgg’s merchant data skimmed

According to the online security research companies Volexity and RiskIQ, New Egg, one of the top Online Retailers in US was hacked by notorious hacker group named Magecart , who was involved in the latest TickerMaster and British Airways hack incidents

A javascript sniffer code is injected at the check out process of the website, which triggers whenever the customer enters their payment information, this code snippet will do an ajax post to a threat URL named, which is using an ssl certificate issued by Comodo registered by the attackers

From the investigation it was found that, Magecart had started sniffing data from August 15 2018 to September 18. They ran the sniffer for about one month

Security researchers have identified that the code used in British Airways hack which had happened few months back was similar to the one used with newegg.

So its very evident now that, the malicious hackers are targeting all areas where money information is shared and is not specific to any industry. Organizations having their transactions  going through online need to take more attention.


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