Secure Your Website in 15 Minutes

Prophaze Advantages

Securing APIs from
Data Theft and Abuse

Supports AWS, Azure
GCP, Digital Ocean,
Multi Cloud Deployments

Security Compliances

On boarding Time
15 Minutes

Global Security

Customer First
Response in 1 hour

How Prophaze WAF works

Prophaze will re-route your traffic to its cloud engine with Machine Learning capabilities
Does all filtering in its side and sends genuine visitors to your website.

Prophaze is the First Automated Cloud Security Platform

Unmatchable Attack Detection

Threats and Bots Protection
Full ML Based Threat Detection
Zero Day Attacks
DDoS Protection
Unlimited Rules Per App
Virtual Patching
API Protection
Unlimited RulesVery Low TCO (Price + Maintenance + Staffing)

Price Includes Threat Updates

1. No Maintenance Required
2. Simple All Inclusive Pricing

Go Live In A Day
No Monitoring Required
Modify Rules Without Code Changes
No Expert Level Admin Required
No Training Required

See how we can help you secure your
Cloud Web Applications and Data.

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