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Remote Code Execution in Exim from (4.92 through 4.92.2)

Overview : Exim 4.92 through 4.92.2 allows remote code execution, a different vulnerability than CVE-2019-15846. There is a heap-based buffer overflow in string_vformat in string.c involving a long EHLO command. Affected Product(s) : Exim 4.92 through 4.92.2 Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : CVE-2019-16928 Heap-based buffer overflow in string_vformat, remote code execution seems to be […]

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Remote Code Execution and Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities in LibreOffice

Linux LibreOffice is under attack to a remote code-execution vulnerability and unauthorized-access vulnerability. Attackers use these issues to execute arbitrary code in the context of the user running the vulnerable application and get unauthorized access and perform malicious actions. Unsuccessful exploited attempts may result in a DDoS attack. Detailed information as follows : Bugtraq ID […]

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Exploitation in vBulletin allows remote command execution

Overview : vBulletin 5.x through 5.5.4 allows remote command execution via the widgetConfig[code] parameter in an ajax/render/widget_php routestring request. Affected Product(s) : vBulletin 5.x through 5.5.4 Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : CVE-2019-16759 A specific utility may allow an attacker to gain remote command execution to privileged files. Solution : Updates are available by contacting […]