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Bot Detection

Bot Detection The Problems 20% of all web traffic is bad bots targeting APIs to bypass security controls. Powered with ML, bots evade corporate defenses inflicting damage before security teams can respond. Bots are dynamic and ever mutating, but WAFs are always behind, require prior rules. Security teams are fighting cyberattacks blindfolded, trying to filter [...]

Artificial Intelligence Based Web Application Firewall

AI Based Kubernetes WAF Prophaze KubeWAF is  Kubernetes based Native Web Application Firewall (WAF) which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to your microservices. Rate Based Filtering Prophaze's AI Machine learning Algorithms can detect [...]

Bot Mitigation

Bot Mitigation Prophaze's  advanced machine learning based Bot Management solution can fight against other ML based malicious bots which do targetted  and automated attack against web APIs and applications . Prophaze Bot Platform deals with Click Fraud Bots (Ad Bots) Multiple Use cases Ad clicks Music Plays Video plays Paid Surveys Authentication Bots Credential Stuffing [...]

cPanel before 84.0.20 allows a demo account to achieve remote code execution

Overview : cPanel before 84.0.20 allows a demo account to achieve remote code execution via a cpsrvd rsync shell (SEC-544). Vulnerability Details : CVE ID : CVE-2020-10119 Skip to end of metadata Created by Documentation, last modified yesterday at 3:08 PM Go to start of metadata 84.0.22 2020-03-16 [security] Fixed case SEC-505: Bandwidth suspensions can be triggered [...]


Securing IoT APIs Prophaze Raspberry PI based custom appliance can be hooked at the gateway of your IoT interface . It can be any control system , let it be CCTV Camera's , or a Advanced Data fetching and parsing device . Prophaze can secure your api end points against OWASP Top 10 and many [...]