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Trakt app user’s Data hacked

Trakt is a company whose app monitors TV program/movie viewing habits of its customers. The company had declared that it fell victim to a PHP exploit around four year ago. This exploitation has lead to the leakage of its crucial data. The company has revealed that the breach involved some of its customer’s personal information […]

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WAF for Healthcare

Modern Medical environment has evolved to a new dimension with advancement in technology. New technology services are coming in, new kind of users are being supported even better healthcare services are being delivered. Health care applications are shifting more to cloud versions lately. These web facing applications are more prone to different types of attacks […]

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OWASP top 10

Open Web Security Project OWASP stands for Open Web Security Project. It is an international non profit organization which is dedicated to web application security. All the materials available here will be open to everyone through their websites which makes it possible for anybody to improve their Web Application Security. OWASP has listed down top [...]