Prophaze Bot Mitigation

Prophaze BotCry v2.1

Advanced ML based Bot Management Solution 

Good Visibility and Control over Bot Data

Frequently Updated ML Algorithms and Models

Updated List of Good Bots and Bad Bots for white and black lists

Drill Down for all activity of a particular bot user

Customizable Rules

Customized reports


Advanced Bot Mitigation

Prophaze BotCry v2.1 helps to distinguish between good and bad bot traffic allows you to block scrapers, scanners and comment spammers that bring overhead to your server and tries to steal your content.

This Platform deals with:

  • Click Fraud Bots (Ad Bots)

  • Authentication Bots

  • Scrapping Bots

  • Ecommerce Busting Bots

  • Attack/Detection Bots

Prophaze BotCry v2.1 can fight against other ML based malicious bots which do targeted  and automated attack against web APIs and applications .


  • Closing http/https connection from bot instead of banning IP Address .
  • Sending Bot to honey pots.
  • Corrupting the expected data by Bots .
  • Hard Blocking the IP Address is still an option – provided the IP is listed in Bot 404’s updated blacklist automatically or it can be done as a manual action by the user .

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