For Infrastructure

WAF-App Security

The Prophaze Cloud WAF detects and blocks suspicious activity using behavioral based threat detection algorithms.

Its offers security control for websites, applications,  and APIs hosted on multiple cloud environments.Protection’s network shields internet assets across all cloud providers.

Kubernetes WAF

Prophaze KubeWAF is an Enterprise Grade  Kubernetes Web Application Firewall which is deployed as a microservice along with your other components. It will work alongside with cloud load balancer and filters all the incoming traffic towards your api services.

API Security

Prophaze creates a positive security model to validate only the traffic you want to access your APIs is enforced and protects all your API endpoints. Prophaze API security is vendor-agnostic supporting the leading API gateways.

Cloud DDoS Protection

Prophaze protects your applications from distributed denial of service DDoS attacks by malicious bot networks. We can ensure real-time protection against DDoS attacks which can identify and mitigates large-scale targeted applications.

Bot Mitigation

Prophaze WAF helps to distinguish between good and bad bot traffic allows you to block scrapers, scanners and comment spammers that bring overhead to your server and tries to steal your content.

Run Time Application Security

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) does protect itself from many vulnerabilities in the enterprise by identifying and blocking attacks in real-time. RASP’s identification and security features operate on the server the app’s running on and therefore the technology doesn’t affect the application’s design.

AI Firewall

Prophaze levels the playing field for security teams with an AI-powered autonomous firewall. Prophaze firewall enables proactive defense, not just detection. It stops attacks in real-time before reaching any of your web-facing applications, APIs, and Kubernetes containers.

Virtual Patching

Technologies like deep security virtual patching can aid this patching management process by shielding both known as well as unknown vulnerabilities. The patching delay means the enterprise is at risk of attacks, and the offenders might collect all the details they need to exploit.


Performance and reliability

Global CDN

To improve web performance CDN solutions play a crucial role. The ultimate goal of a CDN is to lower the latency issue between the requests from the browser and their corresponding responses from the server.

Attack Analytics

Prophaze dashboard enables you to fine tune security policy rules and anomalies, compliance reporting, and live alerts via Slack and email. Use a single interface to view, rank, investigate, and manage threats in real-time.

Organization Type


Up to 1 M web requests per month. This plan is ideal for small businesses.

Mid Market

This plan is for enterprises with mid-large scale traffic web production.


Trusted by the SaaS enterprises across any industry. This plan is for SaaS providers.