In just one hour Prophaze secures your production deployments in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, and change deployment models to support your evolving needs.

Native Kubernetes

Secure Kubernetes deployments without the learning curve or complexity. Prophaze Helm Chart installation replaces the existing ingress controller with Prophaze custom ingress controller in zero downtime. Prophaze is deployed in line with the cloud load balancer as a Kubernetes microservice to inspect packets at ingress level towards API services.

Private cloud on-premises

Prophaze is deployed as a private Kubernetes cluster installed behind the load balancer and scales following instructions from the load balancer. The specification for the host needed for deployment is based on estimated peak total number of processed requests.

Public cloud

Prophaze is deployed as a reverse proxy at the DNS level to monitor API requests before reaching the Kubernetes cluster and is deployed in the same zone as your AWS®, Google Cloud™, and Microsoft Azure® cloud instance.