Overview :
Pearson eSIS (Enterprise Student Information System) message board has stored XSS due to improper validation of user input
Affected Product(s) :
  • Pearson eSIS Enterprise Student Information System
Vulnerability Details :
CVE ID : CVE-2014-1454
To reproduce the issue a Super User account is needed. After that is accomplished one needs to log in, go to the message board functionality of eSIS and create a new enterprise message using the HTML tab and add the following payload as a message:
<img src=”https://esisplatform.example.com/aal/1″ onerror=”alert(document.cookie)”>

Hackers could compromise a Super User account and send a malicious message to every teacher/student using the platform. This can be anything from a session hijacker script to a malicious backdoor

Solution :

The vendor was notified, contact the vendor for the patch details