Overview :
Local Privilege Escalation can occur in PHOENIX CONTACT PORTICO SERVER through 3.0.7 when installed to run as a service.



PHOENIX CONTACT Local Privilege Escalation in Portico Remote desktop control software

VDE-2020-013 (2020-03-27 10:48 UTC+0100)

CVE Identifier


Affected Vendors


Affected Products

Product Article Number Affected Versions
PORTICO SERVER 1 CLIENT 2701453 <= 3.0.7
PORTICO SERVER 4 CLIENT 2701455 <= 3.0.7
PORTICO SERVER 16 CLIENT 2701456 <= 3.0.7

Vulnerability Type

Incorrect Execution-Assigned Permissions (CWE-279)


If the software runs as a service, a user with limited access can gain administrator privileges by starting a shell with administrator rights from the Import / Export configuration dialog.


A malicious user could use this vulnerability to gain administrator privileges on the Computer running the Portico software.


Phoenix Contact strongly recommends users to upgrade to Portico V3.0.8 or higher which fixes this vulnerability. The current version of Portico is available on the Phoenix Contact website at following address: www.phoenixcontact.net/qr/2701453/softw

Phoenix Contact strongly recommends protection measures against unauthorized access for network-compatible devices, solutions and PC-based software. For detailed information please refer to our application note:

Measures to protect network-compatible devices with communication interfaces, solutions and PC-based software against unauthorized access

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