Overview :
Insecure, default path permissions in PHOENIX CONTACT PC WORX SRT through 1.14 allow for local privilege escalation.



PHOENIX CONTACT Local Privilege Escalation in PC WORX SRT

VDE-2020-012 (2020-03-27 10:47 UTC+0100)

CVE Identifier


Affected Vendors


Affected Products

Product Article Number Affected Versions
PC WORX SRT 2701680 <= 1.14

Vulnerability Type

Incorrect Default Permissions (CWE-276)


The Phoenix Contact application ‘PC WORX SRT’ is installed as service. The installation path of the application is configured to have insecure permissions which allows any unprivileged user to write arbitrary files to the installation directory where all the configuration files and binaries of the service are located.


A malicious user can leverage this knowledge and override the main ‘PC WORX SRT’ service with a rogue binary which will result with running malicious code as SYSTEM user.


Customers using PC WORX SRT are strongly recommended to use the software only on single user systems where restricting the access rights of the PC WORX SRT is not necessary.

Phoenix Contact strongly recommends protection measures against unauthorized access for network-compatible devices, solutions and PC-based software. For detailed information please refer to our application note:

Measures to protect network-compatible devices with communication interfaces, solutions and PC-based software against unauthorized access

Reported by

This vulnerability was discovered and reported to Phoenix Contact by Sharon Brizinov of Claroty.