Django up to 2.2.24/3.1.13/3.2.9 HTTP Request access control

A vulnerability was found in Django up to 2.2.24/3.1.13/3.2.9 (Content Management System). It has been classified as critical. This affects some unknown processing of the component HTTP Request Handler. Upgrading to version 2.2.25, 3.1.14 or 3.2.10 eliminates this vulnerability. The upgrade is hosted for download at

Common Vulnerabilityies and Exposures

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star7th showdoc up to 2.10.1 cross site scripting [CVE-2021-4172]

A vulnerability was found in star7th showdoc up to 2.10.1. It has been rated as problematic. Affected by this issue is some unknown processing. Upgrading to version 2.10.2 eliminates this vulnerability. Applying the patch 409c8a1208bbb847046a9496303192980f2e6219 is able to eliminate this problem. The bugfix is ready for download at The […]

SourceCodester Simple College Website 1.0 File Upload /admin/login.php username sql injection

A vulnerability classified as critical was found in SourceCodester Simple College Website 1.0. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown functionality of the file /admin/login.php of the component File Upload Handler. There is no information about possible countermeasures known. It may be suggested to replace the affected object with an […]

IBM Cognos Controller 10.4.0/10.4.1/10.4.2 access control [CVE-2020-4879]

A vulnerability, which was classified as critical, has been found in IBM Cognos Controller 10.4.0/10.4.1/10.4.2 (Business Process Management Software). Affected by this issue is some unknown functionality. Upgrading eliminates this vulnerability.