Case Study 104


One of our prospects contacted Prophaze Technologies regarding their high bandwidth utilization and unavailability of their servers randomly. Server down time is a critical issue which comes under the three security pillars (CIA triad). Then we had a discussion with the client support team. They explained their architecture and business use cases. On further analysis, we found that they were having a feature to attract the users by giving them extra bonus points on each new registrations.

Offenders were trying to create new registrations using fake mobile numbers. Thousands of requests with fake numbers are getting hit to their servers on each day. After a detailed analysis, we concluded that this was done using the bots.

Prophaze cloud security platforms offers protection from bots with the AI- based Behaviour detection. Then we on boarded the prospect for a pilot session for 14 days. Success criteria of the pilot is to mitigate this specific attack and Prophaze was successful in mitigating this attack.