Case Study -1


The company deals with money Management and Payment Services. Their objective was to formulate a technique to assist support the Retail and middle Tier SMEs customers. They needed an effective Kubernetes WAF solution that could provide the real-time visibility necessary to prevent account takeovers and upgrade their overall security posture.

As the organization grows, Coporate’s security team knew that their native application security tools wouldn’t scale at the speed needed to support a quickly growing client base. Adopting a Web Application Firewall (WAF) was successive move. They needed one that provided flexibility in trendy cloud architectures, supported a fast CI/CD pipeline’s code changes and deployments while not in depth standardisation, and didn’t unnecessarily consume resources across security, SRE, and development groups.
Prophaze helped them transition to a seamless and secure web application protection resolution that keeps up with their speedily scaling cloud infrastructure.Some key benefits of Kubernetes WAF solution

  1. A security answer which will simply adapt to their architectures.
  • flexible deployment choices allowed them to quickly and simply install our proprietary technology specifically wherever they required it.

2. Accounted zero performance problems across Application or Organization

3. . There were no false positive problems, which leads to zero negative impact on legitimate traffic.

4. Deploy a future-proof WAF resolution on premise while not impacting app performance